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panchayat elections in andra pradesh 2013

Gram Panchayat(i) Elections Notification or Schedule in Andra Pradesh 2013: 

Andra Pradesh(AP) Grama Panchayat Elections (Local Body Elections) to be held on July 23, 27&31:The Grama Panchayat Elections (Local Body Elections) in Andra Pradesh 2013 will be held in 3 phases on July 23, 27 and 31.A notification to this effect was issued by the Andra Pradesh State Election Commission today. The elections will be held in 3 phases and nominations can be filed from July 7th to 13th, State Election Commissioner P.Ramakanth Reddy told reporters here.

The last date for the withdrawal of candidature is July 17(not later than 3 PM) and the list of contesting candidates will be published on the same day. Polling will be held from 7 AM to 1 PM under First phase on July 23rd, Second phase on July 27th and Third phase on July 31st.
The counting of votes will be taken up from 2 PM onwards for First phase on July 23rd,Second phase on July 27th and Third phase on July 31st.The results will be declared soon after the completion of counting of votes. The model code of conduct for the polls came into force immediately and transfer of all officers and officials directly or indirectly connected with the conduct of the election is banned.
The total number of Gram  Panchayats in the Andra Pradesh State is 21,592 and the number of Gram Panchayats going elections(polls) 21,491,The number of wards in Gram Panchayat polls(local body elections) 2,17,578.The number of polling stations for Grama Panchayat Elections is 2,19,753.
The number of male voters is 1,96,49,114 and female voters 1,97,52,741.The total voting strength is 3,94,01,855.The number of ballot boxes to be used in gram panchayat elections in Andra Pradesh(AP) 1,32,066.

Gram Panchayat Elections or Local Body Elections in AP 2013:

Nominations: July 7th to 13th
Nomination Withdrawals: July 17th (not later than 3 PM)
Polling Time: 7 AM to 1 PM
First Phase (1stPhase) Elections: July 23rd (from 2 PM onwards counting)
Second Phase (2ndPhase) Elections: July 27th (from 2 PM onwards counting)
Third Phase (3rdPhase) Elections:  July 31st (from 2 PM onwards counting)
Total No of Gram Panchayats in AP: 21,592
Total No of Gram Panchayats going Elections in AP: 21,491
Total No of Wards in Gram Panchayat Elections: 2,17,578
Total No of Polling stations for Gram Panchayat Elections: 2,19,753
Total No of Male Voters: 1,96,49,114
Total No of Female Voters: 1,97,52,741
Total Voting Strength: 3,94,01855
Total No of Ballot Boxes: 1,32,066

Grama panchayat(i) elections or local body elections in Andra Pradesh(AP) 2013,CM  Kiran Kumar Reddy accept for conducting grama panchayat elections in Andra Pradesh and Mr.Rama Kanth Reddy said grama panchayat elections in AP 2013 notification will be released on 3rd July 2013.                                                  
grama panchayat(i) elections notification in AP 2013
Grama panchayat elections or local body elections in Andra Pradesh 2013 notification released on 1st week of July(4-6).Already completed the reservation process so EC waiting for reservation list from Govt,that reservation list will give tomorrow to EC than 4 to 5 days notification will be released said Ramakanth Reddy i.e first week of July


local body elections notification updates 2013

gram panchayat elections notification in andra pradesh 2013

Gram panchayat elections in andra pradesh 2013 latest news

AP Gram(a) Panchayat(i) Elections(polls) Reservations:

Hyderabad: Reservations to the total 21590 gram panchayat elections reservations have been finalized by the government on Wednesday. A total of 3958 panchayats have been reserved to scheduled castes, 6926 to backward classes, 1279 to scheduled tribes and another 1218 to STs in scheduled area and 10,795 to women. The government asked the district panchayat officials to finalise the reservations in the districts as per the following list before June 17.

Total Panchayats for which elections will be conducted 21,590

Panchayat for Schedule Caste:3,958
Panchayat for Schedule Tribes:1,218
Panchayat for Backward Castes:6,986
Panchayat for ST's in the Scheduled area:1,279
General Panchayats:8,149

Gram Panchayat Elections Reservations
Panchayat elections in all likelihood would be held either in the last week of June or in the first week of July.Officials see no problem in conducting the elections with reservations based on 2011 census data and dismiss the reports that it would take three to five months for it to happen. ‘’It will take about three weeks for us to collate the date and decide on reservations, since the process of SC, ST reservations for the elections is already under progress,’’ principal secretary (panchayat raj) V Nagi Reddy told Express.
According to him, in about three weeks time from the date of announcement of village level data of SC, ST population by the Directorate of Census, they will submit the reservation status to the State Election Commission. State election commissioner P Ramakanth Reddy said that it would take about 17 days to issue notification for the elections after the submission of the report from the government.
Elections would be held within a month of notification. Panchayati raj minister K Jana Reddy said that they would conduct the elections as per the rules and constitutional provisions. ‘’If the census data pertaining to village level is out and necessary gazatte notification for the reservations is issued, we will go by it,’’ he said. Director for Census Operations (Andhra Pradesh) YV Anuradha on Friday submitted the copies of the Primary Census Abstract (PCA) to chief minister N Kiran Kumar Reddy and and governor ESL Narasimhan. According to her, it is the final data of Census pertaining to village population and SC, ST population. Panchayat elections which were overdue since July- August 2011, were delayed for various reasons, the primary reason being the legal hurdle for conducting the elections. Ceiling on reservations for BCs, SCs and STs was increased to 60.5 % on which High Court had issued a stay, stating that total reservations should not exceed 50 percent in accordance with Supreme Court directions. Following it, the state government filed a special leave petition in the Apex Court.
On February 18 the Supreme Court gave the go ahead to the state government to conduct the local bodies elections as per the existing 60.5 percent reservations. After getting the green signal from the Supreme Court, the state government had announced that the elections will be held in April-May. However, now with latest Census data out, the demand is for elections in accordance with 2011 Census data from the opposition parties. The delay had cost Rs 800 crore worth Central funds to 21,500 and odd village Gram panchayati  elections in the state in the last two years. Most importantly, there were not elected public representatives, which people could confide in, affecting the village welfare, though special officers were elected to oversee administration.

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